Reasons Bali Is Regarded As One Of The Most Favorite Tourist Destinations:

It is not easy to be number one. But Bali has managed to get the number one space in terms of being the favorite destination for tourists. This is a no sudden thing. There is ample reason for this. No place has got to the number one spotted without being a really wonderful place with natural beauty that is mystical and heavenly. Not only this, but an affordable life gives people chance to enjoy a holiday in Bali. Moreover, there are villas for rent in affordable price. The place is best for surfers, nature lovers and also photographers. We are going to tell the reasons for the number one spot of Bali.
Bali is a place that has ample beaches with beautiful coastline. While the northern beaches will calm you down with the calm waves, the southern beaches are more mystical. Some of the beaches are of white sand while some others have a seductive black cover. Every beach has its own kind of atmosphere, characteristic and charm. Also, you can rent beside beaches and enjoy the beauty of the beach from your room.
The temples:
The temples in Bali talk about a rich intriguing past that they still continue to carry. The temples are not mere architectural wonders, but also wonderful rituals. The highlands and even the beaches have temples. These are made for camera lenses. So, photographers get a really good chance to use the cameras to catch some rich colours of Bali. The temples are still functioning and celebrating the religious rituals with all the colours and glory.
The natural beauty:
Not only beaches, Bali is full of natural beauty. Paddy fields, lakes, waterfalls and highlands have the beauty that captures not only the eyes, but also the mind. These are the heaven for nature loving people, adventure lovers and also photographers. Bali’s nature meets the demand of possibly everyone from a nature lover to an adventure lover.
The weather:
The island is only eight degrees away from the Equator in the south and it gets sunlight throughout the year. Long hours of daylight make the weather sunny and warm. So, one should not worry about the season or time of the year. Bali is ready for all year long entertainment. Long sun-kissed days enable people to go to different paces and explore the most of Bali.
The food:
Bali is a place with rich taste in case of foods. The use of various spices makes it famous among visitors. The local dishes are just made for satisfying the appetite of anyone. So, there is no doubt that Bali is at the top of the list.\"villas-best\"