How Is Life After Retirement

Retirement life is life no one wants. The most common age of retirement is 60 but some people get retirement before that and some work even after their 60s but jobs for retired people are very rare and companies usually fire people who reach their retirement age and hire the young generation. When people are at their adult age, they think that they will relax and get peace after retirement since there will no worries and stress after retirement while adult life is all about anxiety, tension, stress and depression, this is what people think but this mindset is completely wrong because nice retirement care life is not as good as people think and when it comes to adult life, then it is far better than retired life. No doubt, at adult life, people have so many responsibilities to fulfil and they have no other option, so sometimes it gets really hectic and difficult but still when you reach your retirement age, you might enjoy some starting years of retirement but after some years, you will realise how adult life was better than retirement life. 

When you live your adult life, you can live it to the fullest, and when it comes to health, then an adult person is not only physically healthy but mentally healthy as well. A person can only their lives when they are healthy but as soon as you reach your retired life, you start getting sick day by day and you get weaker day by day. Moreover, after retirement, you do not have anything to do and you sit free all the time, and when the person is free or have nothing to do, he starts over thinking things which can create anxiety and depression so this depression is worse than the depression or temporary stress you have at adult life.

When the person is physically and mentally fit in his adult life, a lot of opportunities come around and one can travel anywhere they want with those opportunities and who does not like travelling? Everyone does. But once you reach your retirement life, you will not get a single opportunity like that and then you will miss your adult life. This is why adult life is better than a retired life.

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